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What to expect in a trauma care center?

Hi!  This is Dr. Salam, I practice at One Care Medical Center, one of the cities fastest growing ortho hospital in Coimbatore. In this short article lets discuss trauma care.

Trauma is well traumatic

Trauma is associated with emotional shock producing a lasting detrimental effect, because of horrible experience from wound or injury. Road Traffic Accident is one of the most common reasons for trauma.

Trauma is also caused by heart attacks apart from road accidents and other accidents (myocardial infarction), poisoning, burns, snakebites, etc. Loss of life can be avoided by using providing immediate clinical attention.

In practice, most loss of life can be are prevented in the first hour of the accident, which is also considered as the “GOLDEN HOUR” in the medical terms.

Prevention of loss of life is possible by providing careful handling of the victim at the accident spot, imparting first aid treatment, transporting the affected person to the nearest hospital and imparting proper medical treatment. Best trauma care Center always responds immediately to the emergency response.

A trauma center in a hospital is also called as an emergency department is very intense and is equipped and staffed well to provide care for patients suffering from major traumatic injuries such as car accidents, falls and gunshot wounds.

The operation of the good trauma Center is that they have access to specialized medical and nursing care which involves highly sophisticated surgical and diagnostic equipment.

The designation level in a trauma center will be distinguished in 3 levels. The level one being the highest to the level 3 being the lowest, but this designation level might vary from country to country.

Emergency Transport

The important factor in the trauma care is the emergency transport of the patients to the hospital. The patient trauma starts before they arrive at the hospital.

The emergency response team will inform the trauma center of the details and the condition of the patient.
Trauma care team will inform the hospital and the crew of the emergency response about their arrival time to the trauma center.

Based on the information the members of the Best trauma Center team will start preparing for the
treatment required for the at the resuscitation area in the Emergency room (ER). The doctors / the trauma specialists will begin preparing the operating suite.

Resuscitation room

Most of the trauma patients come in with heavy bleeding or have a spine injury. In the resuscitation room, the trauma team will administer oxygen and stabilize the core body temperature. If the patient is heavily bleeding they will work to stop them.

The specialists will start their procedure with the main aim of stabilizing the patients quickly.

At the operating suite

If the surgeries are more severe (in most cases they are), they proceed from the resuscitation area to an operating suite. All the best trauma care centers dedicate operating suites that are available for 24/7.

The primary motive is to administer surgical interventions as quickly as possible so that they can save and support best outcomes on the survival rate of that patient.

The trauma surgeon works with the patients from car crashes, farming or industrial accidents, an act of violence and so on. Surgeries will be done as required as the part of the treatment procedure to stabilize the patient and improve the survival outcome.

Hospital admittance

The trauma team will transfer the patient to the intensive care unit once the patient gets the immediate treatment the patient needs. In the ICU, the patient will receive close intensive care and monitoring.

With this close monitoring and the treatment, the patient will be shifted to a hospital bed if they are in a stable condition through their recovery. The patients will be assisted by their doctors and nurses for the checking on their vitals. They might be a specialist like a physical therapist, speech therapist and other specialists to check up on the patient.

One Care Medical Centre (OCMC)

OCMC has on one of the Best trauma care Center in Coimbatore.

OCMC has a team of trauma care specialist consisting of very senior medical consultants in the departments like Orthopedics, Neurosurgery, General surgery, plastic surgery, Cardiothoracic, General Physician, Internal Medicine specialists etc.

They are assisted by well trained paramedical staff like nurses, Physiotherapists, and Occupational Therapists.

OCMC trauma care Facility has been providing 24-hour ambulance services with mobile telephone communication facilities.

OCMC has stationed 5 Mobile ambulances at key locations in and around Coimbatore, that are designated as accident zone as identified. As a Service to the society, OCMC provides free transportation of road accident victims from the accident spot to any hospital of their choice up to 20 KM radius from the accident spot.