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What helps broken bones heal faster?

Have you wondered on exactly ‘what helps broken bones heal faster’?. Being an ortho doctor, I have always thought about different strategies that would help my patients to get their bones healed quicker and more efficiently.

Hi, This is Dr. Salam, consultant orthopedic surgeon at the One Care Medical Center which is an international ortho hospital in coimbatore. In today’s awesome roundup post, let’s discuss a bit about healing your bones quickly.

Broken bones also mean a fracture or a break in the continuity of the bone. Fractures are exceedingly common and affect most individuals at least once in a lifetime. Fractures occur simply because the bone in question is unable to bear the impact or more specifically the energy of the impacting event.

Healing the broken bone

Numerous processes are involved in healing the broken bone, this of course also depends on the interplay between the individual’s age, nutrition status, and current health. Here are 4 important tips you can follow if you are recovering from a broken bone.

Stop the smoking

Smoking is well established with delayed bone and wound healing. Smoking has also been linked with delayed union of the broken bone. If you are recovering from a fracture, the first thing to do is to stop smoking immediately right now.

Eating the perfect diet

While eating healthy can do wonders for your general health, eating in a sensible fashion is the most important thing to do when you suffer from a broken bone. Overeating and gorging on unhealthy food will lead to excess weight gain during your recovery

Taking excess calcium

Contrary to common thoughts, taking excess calcium will not help you heal your bones faster in any plausible way. Take the right amount of calcium as prescribed by your orthopedic surgeon for optimal recovery

Strictly follow medical advice

Most bones will take a couple of weeks to heal, and post healing you might not have excellent muscle strength. Follow your doctor’s advice in terms of physiotherapy/rehab to accelerate your recovery. Never try anything outside the orthopedic surgeon’s medical advice

Bones do not heal miraculously in a fast manner. Adhering to medical advice, following healthy habits, avoiding smoking can all help you towards a speedy recovery!.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short article on ‘what helps broken bones heal faster?’. Do watch this space for more interesting articles on info, and of course, do share this article with all your friends and loved ones!.

Live healthily and live long!.