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What are the first signs of Rheumatoid arthritis?


And welcome to the One Care Medical Center one of Coimbatore’s fastest growing orthopedic hospital, My name is Dr. Abdul Salam and I am a full-time orthopedic surgeon at OCMC. In today’s short read we are going to discuss on

8 early signs of rheumatoid arthritis

So,Rheumatoid arthritis is a pretty irritating condition wherein the body own immune system attacks the joints of the body resulting in inflammation. RA as a disease typically affects the wrists, hands, and feet in particular. Prompt identification combined with early treatment will significantly reduce the risk of permanent joint damage.

Sign 1 : Slight feverishness

RA causes inflammation. Thus this very inflammation can cause patients to feel unwell, feverish and exhausted.

Sign 2 : Fatigue

Individuals with RA usually feel extremely tired and exhausted. These feelings of fatigue eventually affect an individuals

Day to day activities

Sexual drive

Work productivity

Sign 3 : Loss of weight

Fatigue combined with fever, eventually stresses the patient out and also affects the persons appetite leading to weight loss

Sign 4 : Joint stiffness

Joint stiffness in RA is exceedingly common and can involve one or more joints. The joint of the little finger is usually affected. Early morning stiffness is yet another characteristic of individuals with RA.

Sign 5 : Joint Tenderness and Joint Pain

Tenderness of the joints in the hand and feet is a well-established sigh of RA.  Joint pain in the finger, wrist, and feet is another warning sign of RA. The inflammation within a joint causes production of excess fluid that adds pressure on the joint capsule thereby irritating the nerve endings and causing pain.

Sign 6 : Redness & Warmth of the Joint

Joint inflammation can give a characteristic red appearance, especially in fair-skinned individuals. The warmth of the joint is usually present before the redness or swelling occurs

Sign 7 : Joint numbness and restricted motion

Excess inflammation numbs the joint due to nerve compression. During RA, joint stiffness and damage can also restrict movements severely.

Sign 8 : Symmetrical joint involvement

People affected by RA report involvement of both same joints on either side of the body. But this rule is not strictly seen for all individuals