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Want to Increase your Height?

Hi! This is Dr. Salam, I practice at One Care Medical Center, one of the cities International ortho hospitals in Coimbatore.

Do you want to get really tall?. Then here is an interesting article about the Taylor Spatial Frame

What is a Taylor Spatial Frame?

The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME (TSF) is an external device for limb correction, lengthening and straightening.

The device consists of two or more aluminum or carbon fiber rings connected by six struts.

Each strut can be independently lengthened or shortened to achieve the desired result, e.g. compression at the fracture site, lengthening, etc.

How to understand the process of using a Taylor spatial frame?

Limb restoration is a gradual process that helps to restore a patient’s bone and soft tissue to normal alignment, length, and function.

This remarkable technique uses a device called the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME to take advantage of the body’s natural ability to grow healthy new bone tissue and provide high levels of control to manage that new growth.

There are two main phases to the process-correction/lengthening and consolidation.

Correction/lengthening refers to the period of time it takes to ‘grow the bone.’

This initial phase begins after the surgeon cuts the bone and attaches the Taylor Spatial frame fixator.

During this time the physician will make gradual adjustments to the device, spreading the bone segments and adding ‘length’ to the total limb.

Over a period of months, new bone tissue will grow in the gap, ultimately hardening the area between the segments of the original bone.

When your surgeon is satisfied with the length and position of the new bone, the consolidation phase begins, as the bone tissue is allowed to mature and become solid. Patients still need to wear the Taylor spatial frame fixator during this phase.

How does the Taylor spatial frame work?

The TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME fits around the limb and is attached to the bone with pins or wires that extend from the rings, through the skin and bone to the other side.
This allows for six different axes of movement, which gives the TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME the ability to correct difficult congenital deformities and trauma cases. Angular, translational, rotational, and length deformities can all be corrected simultaneously.

Based on the original bone deformity TAYLOR SPATIAL FRAME may be recommended by the surgeon and, a day-by-day treatment plan is created. Periodically the images of the deformity are taken onscreen and adjustments are made to the struts, depending on the prescribed course of treatment until the bones are completely set in proper alignment.

The surgeon will make a side-by-side comparison of current x-rays and the projected plan of treatment. This comparison ensures that the bones are healing in the correct alignment and at the appropriate pace.

For What Conditions TSF treatment is used?

TSF can be used for the treatment of congenital condition a term used to describe any condition that is present at birth. Some of the Congenital.
TSF can be utilized to increase the height of a person up to 7 Inches Depending on your body’s anatomy, the lengthening may need to be performed either on the legs or thighs or both.

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