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Signs you may need a hip replacement

welcome to One Care Medical Center, an international orthopedic hospital in Coimbatore. My name is Dr. Salam and I am a full time practicing orthopedic surgeon in Coimbatore.

In this short blog post, we are going to discuss some common signs that indicate that you may need a hip replacement.

It’s not an uncommon truth, that with increasing age, the hip joint eventually wears out. However, difficult as it may sound, a worn-out hip joint can definitely take a toll on your daily health. Not just that, a hip replacement procedure can and is a life-changing one, more so if done right.

The following signs or symptoms suggest the need for a hip replacement procedure. Moreover, sometimes, all you need to do is take a simple X-ray and consult an ortho doctor near you for a proper diagnosis or assessment.

Groin Pain

If you experience severe pain during or after exercise, and if the pain is so severe that it interferes with your day to day to activities. It could be a sign of a degenerating hip joint. Usually, the pain will be localized between your hip and knee region.

Most individuals will try to compensate for the pain, by walking with a stick or taking pain killers. Sometimes, patients end up walking with a limp.

Joint Stiffness

In some individuals, the pain can be so severe that they may not be able to put on their shoes or socks at all. Speaking to an orthopedic doctor is probably the wisest thing to do, in the event this happens

Pain in the hip while walking

Hip pain may also impair your normal ability to walk, this is also not uncommon. Sometimes even a normal walk to the nearby supermarket becomes impossibly painful.

One Leg Test

The one leg test is a simple test that can tell whether your hip joint is functioning optimally or not. If you are unable to stand on one leg even for longer than a minute even with the support of a door frame or table top, then you definitely should get your hip joint assessed by an expert.
I hope you enjoyed reading the short article on hip replacement surgeries. It’s important to understand that there are a range of treatments available for fixing a worn-out hip joint. 

Hip replacement procedures can be life-changing as they drastically improve your quality of life permanently.