Shoes for Arthritis

Choosing the right shoes for arthritis

Hello!, Dr. Abdul Salam here, consultant ortho doctor in coimbatore and in this post we are going to discuss choosing the right shoes for arthritis.

Technically, arthritis is a disease-specific to the joint. There are also different types of arthritis. Arthritis moreover affects the small joints, more so of the foot. This includes the great toe, ankle, and the middle of the sole.

Avoid high heels

While high heels look fashionable, these are the type of shoes you should strictly avoid. Point heels ultimately squeeze your foot and force them into an uncomfortable angle. High heels not only damage your foot but also damage your knee joint.

Avoid flats

The tight flats are another shoe type to strictly avoid. Flats take a toll on your feet, more so if they are hard and have a pointy toe. These narrow shoes can result in hammertoes. Hammertoes results, when the toes bend and look like hammers.

The ideal shoes

The ideal shoe to wear for osteoarthritis, should keep your feet in a comfortable angle and should have adequate wiggle room to allow great toe movement. The soles should also have rubber, to provide adequate shock absorption. The other type of shoes that warrant discussion are stability shoes.

However, stability shoes are strictly not recommended for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Some patients utilize insoles for stability, but recent research suggests that, these do not really work. Going barefoot helps with knee joint arthritis and low heeled flip-flops also are useful.

I hope you enjoyed this short article on choosing the right shoes for osteoarthritis. Keep watching this space for more interesting reads

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