One Care Medical Center (OCMC) was started with one singular vision and that is ‘One quality of healthcare for all’ especially in the field of orthopedic. OCMC was started based on this very belief in 2016 by Dr Salam who is a well recognized and respected Ortho specialist in the Coimbatore area.

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The field of Orthopaedics is extremely complex involving numerous complex surgeries some of which are so expensive that it is beyond the reach of most common people. With healthcare running costs heading north combined with rising costs of orthopaedic consumables, implants and device, most patients are forced to choose a less than optimum treatment protocol on their road to recovery.

OCMC’s singular and most fundamental aim to bear the brunt of these cost and provide a high quality orthopaedic treatments to patients at a fraction of the original cost form comparable healthcare set ups

The One Care Advantage

OCMC is international ortho hospital in Coimbatore and our ortho doctors here are always at the top of their game. We are passionate about providing personalized attention and orthopaedic treatments for all the patients who visit us in good faith

Moreover, safety of our patients is paramount and our vision is to be rated as among the best ortho hospitals for minimal post operative complications.

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