One care medical centre’s mission is to provide an unbiased, high quality orthopaedic care for all individual’s regardless of socio-economic status. OCMC believes it will pioneer and set an example healthcare model of high quality orthopedic treatments in Coimbatore at fraction of the actual cost among similar hospitals.

OCMC will also continuously invest in research and implement the latest technology available in the field of orthopaedics for the betterment of the patient’s who come in full faith.

OCMC will also strive to provide personalized attention and theranostic medicine based approach to each and every patient who walks in to the hospital

One Care Medical Center | Our mission

Our Values

Ethics: As one of the fastest growing orthopaedic hospital in Coimbatore, OCMC’s top priority is in maintaining and strictly implementing medical ethics into every aspect of patient care. For us, the patient comes first. Everything else is considered secondary

Evidence: Every ortho treatment we provide at OCMC has stood the test of time and also has been extensively validated the world over with published scientific studies

Personalized Care: We are big fans of personalized medicine. Personalized medicine in the field of orthopaedics provides patient’s with a highly specific treatment that is built around the patients needs.

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