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Natural Home Remedies for Knee Pain


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In this short article, we are going to discuss about a few natural home remedies for knee pain.

Pain assessment:

Pain that is mild to moderate can be treated at home quite successfully. Pain can be caused by a simple sprain or arthritis or sometimes it may be serious. While mild pain need not necessarily signify a serious pathology, severe pain is always due to trauma or injury. Never try to self medicate in case of severe pain.

Try RICE therapy

If you have twisted or injured your leg after a fall, RICE therapy may be your best bet. RICE=






Tai-Chi is an ancient Chinese mind-body exercise that greatly improves balance and flexibility. The regular practice of Tai-Chi has been found to be very effective in reducing chronic pain that is often associated with long standing arthritis.

Heat/ Cold therapy

An alternative application of heat/cold often helps tremendously with joint pain. One important point to remember is to use cold therapy at least in the 1st 24 hours after joint pain (especially in case the pain arises from injury). Use warm therapy, at a later of course

Ginger root extract

Another natural remedy that can be found to relieve pain is extract from ginger root. Ginger root is a rather common spice used in many traditions. Ginger is known to have some pain relieving properties.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Both these 2 molecules have been advertised to aggressively to greatly improve joint pain due to arthritis. However, studies have found only mild-moderate reduction in joint pain.

Of course, before taking any medication for pain, you must consult with your ortho doctor. Some patients usually require at least an X-Ray combined with blood work for finding out the cause of pain.