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Hip Pain Treatment in Coimbatore

Hip Clinic Insights


I am extremely delighted to see you reading through this resource page, My name is Dr Salam, and I am a practicing orthopedic doctor in Coimbatore.

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I created this resource page to help you understand the most common types of Hip problems and its treatment

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Interestingly, the hip joint is probably the most important joint in your body.

It is ball and socket joint and is capable of withstanding a great amount of wear and tear.

The hip has a cushion of cartilage that prevents the bone surfaces from coming in direct contact.

However, just like any other joint, the cartilage in the hip joint can also age, leading to problems

Causes of Hip Pain


Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are among the top causes of hip pain.
There is not just pain but also a significantly reduced range of motion or movements

Bursitis of the Hip

A bursae is nothing but a fluid filled space between a muscle and tendon.
The hip also has bursae, and when this get swollen pain results

Hip Fractures

Among a older individuals, a very common fracture seen after a fall is a hip fracture. This is because with increasing age, the bones become brittle and are susceptible to fractures.
A hip fracture needs to be diagnosed immediately since in severe fractures somtimes a serious condition called avascular necrosis of the hip can occur leading to complete death of the bone!


Tendinitis is nothing but a swelling of the tendon that occurs from repeated use or stress.

Hip labral Tear

A hip labral tear can occur especially among athletes. These injuries can occur after repetitive twisting movement
Persistent hip pain can result in a limp and radiating pain in the buttocks or groin region.
The pain from hip arthritis usually worsens with increasing physical activity.

When Should You Get Medical Help for Hip Pain?

If you have recently had a fall and notice
1. Severe pain in the hip
2. You are unable to stand at all
3. You heard a ‘popping noise’ after the fall
4. You are unable to move your hip

How to treat hip pain?

Once again, a good doctor will always try to find the cause of pain rather than just blindly treat the pain symptom.
However, there are different treatment options for a worn out hip as follows
1. Total hip replacement
2.Partial hip replacement
3.Hip resurfacing
4. Physical therapy and rehabilitation
Either way, the best way to treat hip pain or the choice of treatment ultimately depends on the cause and patient preference.
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