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Can arthritis be reversed?

Is it possible to reverse arthritis? Can arthritis be reversed?

Hello!. This is Dr. Abdul Salam, consultant ortho doctor in Coimbatore, and in this post we are going to discuss and try to answer the 1 question I frequently get from my patients. It is ‘can arthritis be reversed’?

Globally, arthritis affects close to over 54 million adults, and most common among arthritis is osteoarthritis. Arthritis of course is graded in different ways. Some patients have mild arthritis while some patients have moderate or severe arthritis. The cardinal point to bear in mind though is that once patients develop arthritis and the damage sets in, the damage are usually permanent in nature

So can arthritis be reversed? Well the answer is no, but further damage can definitely be limited. Moreover, getting the right treatment can also drastically help in restoring full functional recovery and limiting the painful symptoms associated with these conditions. Lets briefly look at these conditions below

Treatments that slow disease progression

With respect to arthritis, the commonest and most well-proven treatment strategies to slow disease progression include exercise and medications which can significantly improve the quality of life. Exercise helps

Increase joint stability

The application of heat and warmth to the joint using a heating pad

Improves range of motion

Cold therapy

Strengthens the muscles around the joint

A joint brace to support the joint

Reduces pain and stiffness around the joint

Pain medications to ease symptoms and help with movement

Pain medications are not always required for all patients. The final conclusion is that osteoarthritis cannot be reversed, but it can definitely be managed very well with the right treatment strategy and/or approach. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, keep watching this space for more.


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune condition and its prevalence increases with age. RA can result in significant pain, stiffness, and debility. RA also cannot be reversed. The damage done to the joints from RA is usually permanent. Moreover, RA requires you to continue to take medications for the long term until the disease achieves remission.