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Broken Toe

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My name is Dr. Salam and I am a consultant orthopedic doctor in Coimbatore. I practice at One Care Medical Center, which is a state of the art 100 bedded orthopedic hospital in Coimbatore. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about a broken toe.

So, a broken toe is a very common injury that’s most frequently caused by accidentally dropping something really big on your foot. Broken toes are also common from stubbing your toe.

A simple strategy for broken toe management would be tape or bind the toe the neighboring toe. However in the event, your big toe is damaged, or if there is too much apparent swelling, taking an X-Ray then followed by a protective cast is what would be recommended

While most broken toes heal exceedingly well within 4 or 6 weeks, in some instances the broken toe may become infected.

Symptoms of a broken toe

The three typical signs of a broken toe include

A. Pain

B. Swelling

C. Lastly discoloration

Diagnosis of Broken Toe

When you have a broken toe, your doctor will first check for tender areas. Your orthopedic doctor will also assess and see if the skin on your toes is intact and also if all your sensations are in place. X-Rays are also commonly ordered from different angles.

Treatment of broken toe

Broken toe treatment is usually straightforward. Simple over the counter medication can be used for broken toe treatment. Simple medications like paracetamol, aceclofenac or other combination painkillers can be utilized.

Fractured toe reduction can be done if your bones are not fitting well together. Your orthopedic doctor will usually manipulate the bones of the fractured toe back into its anatomical normal position. Liberal use of ice or an injection of local anesthetic can help numb the toe effectively reducing the pain during manipulation.

Broken toe immobilization

Simple treatment strategies for such fractures include

A. Buddy tapes– A simple fracture in any of the smaller toes can be easily handled by taping the injured toe to an adjacent non-injured toe. The non-injured toe would act as a splint.

B. Specialized shoe- Your orthopedic doctor may also prescribe, a specialized shoe to prevent toe movements and to also accommodate swelling.

I hope you enjoyed reading this short article on broken toes. Do share it with your friend’s and loved ones! Keep watching this space for more interesting reads