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Arthroscopy in Coimbatore

All about Arthroscopy

My name is Dr Salam, and I am an ortho specialist in Coimbatore. I practice at One Care Medical Center.

I created this resource page to help you understand a bit about Arthroscopy!

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is a procedure that help your ortho doctor to ‘look into the joints’ and in some cases also perform repairs. The advantage is that, the surgery is keyhole by nature and allows excellent visualization of the joint.  

Why Arthroscopy?

The advantage of arthroscopy is that, compared to a typical X-ray or MRI a definitive diagnosis of the problem is made. Arthroscopy is also commonly used in the following procedures
1. Rotator cuff surgery of the shoulder
2. Repairing torn cartilage in the knee and shoulder
3. ACL and MCL ligament repair in the knee joint
4. Release of a carpal tunnel syndrome
5. Removing loose bone, debris, fragments in the knee, elbow, shoulder and wrist

Is Arthroscopy Painful?

Most patients after arthroscopy seldom require pain medications. The advantage of arthroscopy is that patient recovery is very quick and moreover with minimal pain. Most patients can get back to home a few hours after surgery

What About Complications?

Infection and injury are usually very rare after arthroscopy. When done in a properly equipped OT along with the right facilities, the incidence of complications are usually less than 1% max.
I hope you enjoyed reading this short article on arthroscopy.
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