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A-Z about Hip fracture treatment

Hello!, Dr. Abdul Salam here, consultant ortho doctor in coimbatore and in this post we are going to discuss choosing the right shoes for Hip.

Hip fracture treatment can be very complex.

Hip fractures are fairly common after a fall. Hip fractures are also pretty painful in nature. Hip fractures are nothing but breaks in the bone (femur) that occur near the hip joint.

Hip fractures occur commonly in older women who have osteoporosis and who sustain a fall. Hip fractures can also occur in women who have cancers

Hip fracture Symptoms :

Common hip fracture symptoms include

1. Severe Pain

2. The inability to stand, lift yourself or rotate your leg

3. Swelling and redness in the hip area

4. Leg, in general, turning outwards in the injured side

When you suspect you have a hip fracture, you should see visit an orthopedic hospital immediately. Our orthopedic hospital in coimbatore is among the cities premier ortho hospitals for hip fracture treatments.

Hip Fracture Treatments :

Surgery remains the only mainstay management strategy for hip fractures. Surgery can sometimes be delayed up to 48 hours but nor beyond.

In most patients, a complete or partial hip replacement is the recommended modality of treatment. Some patients may require surgery combined with plates/screws/rods

The type of surgery done however depends on a number of factors. These include the location of the fracture, your age, your range of movement before the actual fracture.

Recovery post a surgery for hip fracture involves aggressive physiotherapy that is tailored. Early rehabilitation post-surgery usually gives patients excellent recovery and helps patients gain mobility earlier in general.

Hip Protectors :

Hip protectors are specifically useful to protect old people from an impact after a fall. Hip protectors are made of specialized plastic shields housed within the inner garments. They specifically help in absorbing the impact of the fall.

One major pitfall of the hip protectors was that most older people found them to be uncomfortable and stopped wearing them.  Recent devices however offer a more comfortable fit and are also well ventilated in nature.

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Stay healthy and stay happy!