10 Quick Facts About Hip Replacement


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In this blog post, I am going to share with you 10 quick facts about undergoing a Hip Replacement procedure

Every year on an average close to 300,000 hip replacements is conducted. This is because a deteriorating hip is a constant source of pain and discomfort. Hip arthritis is a very real problem.

Here are some quick facts that you should know before undergoing a hip replacement procedure

Fact 1:-

Hip Replacement is often not the first-line treatment for chronic pain. A large number of patients get operated only after conservative medical management has failed. These medical measures include.

A. Use of anti-inflammatory medications
B. Physiotherapy
C. Use of Joint Lubricants
D. Lastly Cortisone based joint injections

Fact 2:-

It’s not just hip osteoarthritis, that leads to joint wear and tear, disease conditions like rheumatoid arthritis,  osteonecrosis, and developmental dysplasia can also wreak havoc in the joints. Moreover, broken hip from trauma or fracture can also result in the wear and tear of knee joints.

Fact 3:-

Hip replacements are not just for seniors!. A large number of hip replacement procedures are done on very young individuals. This is because rheumatoid arthritis can affect a large number of young people especially in their early 20’s and 30’s. Osteonecrosis is also a disease of the young, which may require a Hip replacement procedure

Fact 4:-

Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon for your hip replacement procedure is paramount. In fact, its probably more important than the actual nitty-gritty of the procedure itself.

Fact 5:-

There are a variety of prosthetic replacements available for patients. The newest ones are not necessarily the best. For example, studies have found that metal on metal implants do not necessarily translate into long term treatment success. Metal on metal implants was found to have a lot of debris.

Fact 6:-

The type of incision matters!. Newer surgical techniques like using the anterior frontal approach for hip replacement procedures are gaining traction. There is definitely less muscle damage and fascia injury. Most importantly, the overall scarring is very low!.

Fact 7:-

Interestingly, in some places, bilateral hip replacements are being done. However, this may not be the best strategy as there is a definite risk of infections and joint injury. Getting one hip replaced and then getting the next one sorted out is usually the best way forward.

Fact 8:-

As with all procedures, hip replacement procedures require anesthesia. A few days post the surgery you will experience pain and/or discomfort. You will require a walker and prolonged sitting in the car is a big NO-NO.

Fact 9:-

Hip replacement procedures are not as painful as most patients would imaging. The usual healing time is about 6 to 8 weeks. The pain usually comes down to rapidly post a physical therapy session.

Fact 10:-

The typical hip replacement procedures last anywhere between 15 to 20 weeks on average. There is NO lifetime warranty on these implants usually. However, with newer reasearch into 3d printed devices, longer implant shelf live is a given!

I hope you enjoyed reading this short article on 10 quick points about hip replacements!. Keep watching this space for more!. Please do keep sharing this article with all your freinds and loved ones!




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