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10 key facts on Osteoporosis

10 Key facts about Osteoporosis

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In this blog, In this rather elaborate blog post, we are going to discuss 10 key facts that you should know about osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is well known yet ‘silent disease of the bone’. The very term osteoporosis itself actually means porous bones. As per the National Osteoporosis Foundation, individuals with osteoporosis lose more bone compared to what they make.

Here are some quick facts about osteoporosis in general

Fact 1 : Losing bone and aging

Fact 2 : Bone is never lost at random

Fact 3 : Gender and ethnicity matters

Fact 4 : Men also get osteoporosis

Fact 5 : Osteoporosis and fracture risk

Fact 6 : Older adults need screening

Fact 7 : Fracture prevention

Fact 8 : Calcium and Vitamin

Fact 9 : Medical therapy and physical exercise

Fact 10 : Adopt a healthy lifestyle

I hope you enjoyed reading these fast facts on osteoporosis. Do share this article with your loved ones! and keep watching this space for more fun and interesting reads!