10 key facts on Osteoporosis

10 key facts on Osteoporosis

10 Key facts about Osteoporosis


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In this blog, In this rather elaborate blog post, we are going to discuss 10 key facts that you should know about osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is well known yet ‘silent disease of the bone’. The very term osteoporosis itself actually means porous bones. As per the National Osteoporosis Foundation, individuals with osteoporosis lose more bone compared to what they make.

Here are some quick facts about osteoporosis in general

Fact 1:- Losing bone and aging

Most of us reach peak bone mass probably by around 30 years of age. However, in women osteoporosis is exceedingly more common since women lose 1.5 to 2% of bone mineral density year on year after menopause.

Fact 2:- Bone is never lost at random

Bone is basically a scaffold. This scaffold architecture is what gives bone its phenomenal strength. As you lose bone, what is first lost is the horizontal structures. This makes your bones susceptible to impact injuries and fractures

Fact 3:- Gender and ethnicity matters

Asians (which also means Indians) greatly suffer from osteoporosis. Being a female, being greater than 50 years of age, are all independent risk factors for osteoporosis.

A family history of osteoporosis and low body weight can also independently predispose you to the condition.

Fact 4:- Men also get osteoporosis

Sure, by now you know well that women suffer from osteoporosis. But, men are no exception. Its just that men develop osteoporosis at a later date. This is because men have a greater bone mineral density. But once men develop osteoporosis

Fact 5:- Osteoporosis and fracture risk

Osteoporosis causes fractures, enough said. The most common fractures are those that involve the hip, spine or wrist. Over 30% of individuals who suffer a fracture end up dying due to related complications.

Fact 6:- Older adults need screening

A DXA machine is best for screening the bone. Women and men both require screening when age exceeds 65 years and there is a past history of fractures, smoking, drinking, low body weight and other associated conditions

Fact 7:- Fracture prevention

If you are diagnosed or have a family history of osteoporosis. There are a few strategies you can use, these include

A. The utilization of assistive devices

B. Wearing shoes that have soles with rubber lining

C. Grab bars were appropriate

D. Constant weight bearing exercise

Fact 8:- Calcium and Vitamin D:-

You need both. Both calcium and vitamin D play important roles in bone remodeling.

Fact 9:- Medical therapy and physical exercise

Antiresorptive medication is available for osteoporosis, your orthopedic doctor will help you with the right combination of drugs and exercise. Physical therapy is usually very helpful to tackle osteoporosis

Fact 10:- Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Getting regular exercise, abstaining from alcohol and cigarette smoking, maintaining your BMI within normal limits all help in tackling osteoporosis.

I hope you enjoyed reading these fast facts on osteoporosis. Do share this article with your loved ones! and keep watching this space for more fun and interesting reads!


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