Why choose us?

OCMC receives patients from all around the globe. OCMC’s team of othopaedic surgeons collaborate with numerous UK and USA based physician’s from premier universities like Liverpool and Glasgow. This allows us to bring in the absolute latest in terms of technology and innovation in the field of orthopaedics.

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Here is exactly why!

Ortho Specialists in Coimbatore who know what they are doing

For us, getting you mobile is our top priority. We know the pain and trauma that can be caused by a fracture or severe joint issue.

As Coimbatore’s most fastest growing ortho hospital we strive every day to deliver a personalized and unmatched level of care for our patients. Experience new generation of ortho care with us today.

Surgical safety

We work very hard to keep postoperative infections down to a minimal!. our infection rate is about 0.3% which is way above most international orthopaedic hospitals.

This is because we adhere to strict asepsis and infection control utilizing advanced HEPA based filtration systems in our Operation theatre.

This keeps 99% of all infectious particles from entering the sterile area thereby giving us excellent safety and sepsis control.

Advanced Pain management and superfast recovery

OCMC has an expert team of anesthetists who are highly trained in pain management.

Moreover, all our physiotherapists undergo intensive training in the latest rehabilitation protocols aiding the patient ultra-quick recovery times

Understanding your needs and affordability

Our team of ortho specialists have always stood by understanding your needs and treatment goals. For us giving high quality treatments as well as keeping things extremely affordable is our primary motive.

We have tie ups with numerous insurance companies, which helps us in offering all our patients cashless treatment facilities

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