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Which are the most common fractures in children?

The most common bone that break in children are the elbow and the wrist.

Both these bones commonly break when a child falls on an outstretched hand when trying to break a fall.

Other common fractures are those that occur to the fingertips while slamming the door accidentally.

Do children’s fractures heal well?

Fractures in children are slightly different to those that occur in adults. Bones are softer and more elastic.

Any time a child sustains a fracture, close attention should be paid to presence of swelling, redness and a loss of alignment in the area.

It is highly recommended to bring the child to the emergency room at the earliest

It is also important to look for whether, the child is able to move the particular part.

The good news though is that most fractures in children heal extremely well without any residual deformity.

Most fractures in children that involves the hands, wrist and related joints are treated with simple splints or POP casts.

If the fracture bones are not in alignment, it has to be manually reduced by the orthopaedic surgeon to bring it into alignment.

In more severe fractures though, reduction and fixation with plate and screw would be required.

Most fractures in children normally heal in one month.

This is because children have the ability to remodel bone growth.

Sometimes in severe fractures, the bones may be displaced and be out of alignment relative to the direction of joint motion.

In these scenarios, it becomes extremely important to bring the bones back into normal alignment.

It is important to keep a close eye on your loved ones.

Never leave them isolated and wherever possible keep them away from doors and other unwanted machinery.

Wherever possible give them the appropriate protective gear during sports activities like skating, football et cetera.

Last of all do not hesitate to take them to your doctor in the event a fracture occurs.


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